Treadmill & Stationary Bikes

Hub Fitness Room 211 Smith Street, Sheridan

Stop by and get fit on a recumbent-stationary bike or treadmill. These pieces of exercise equipment are available when other Fitness Room activities are not in session. Please contact a Fun & Wellness Coordinator for further information. Mon thru Fri • No Sign Up Required • $5 Voluntary Contribution •

Tai Chi

Hub Fitness Room 211 Smith Street, Sheridan

Long-time student and practitioner Dan Aldrich instructs participants in this particularly popular  & gentle form of exercise known for its slow, intentional movement.  . $5 voluntary contribution.

Walking Club at the Y

YMCA Gym 2 417 N Jefferson Street, Sheridan

No need to be a member of the YMCA to participate. Mention you are a Registered Hub Patron at the YMCA’s Front Desk, head to Gym 2, and get your walk in! Tuesdays • 9:00-10:00 am • YMCA Gym 2