Treadmill & Stationary Bikes

Hub Fitness Room 211 Smith Street, Sheridan

Stop by and get fit on a recumbent-stationary bike or treadmill. These pieces of exercise equipment are available when other Fitness Room activities are not in session. Please contact a Fun & Wellness Coordinator for further information. Mon thru Fri • No Sign Up Required • $5 Voluntary Contribution •

Happy Feet

Hub Fitness Room 211 Smith Street, Sheridan

Dance your way to fitness with the fun, talented Sherry Mercer! $5 voluntary contribution.

Event Series BOOM Circuit Training

BOOM Circuit Training

Classes include low impact, challenging movements to improve cognitive abilities and increase overall strength, cardio conditioning, flexibility, and balance.  Meeting in person & on Zoom.  $5 voluntary contribution.

Event Series BAMM Chair Exercise

BAMM Chair Exercise

Moves focus on improving cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility, helping participants maintain independence for ADLs (activities of daily living). Meeting in person & on Zoom. $5 voluntary contribution.