Scarlet Peacock and Martha McKenzieMy mom, Martha McKenzie, went to Day Break (the Adult Day Care Program at the Hub on Smith) for the last year of her life. She enjoyed going there so much. My mom was not a very outgoing person. Prior to living with my sister for seven months, and living with my husband and me for a year, she lived alone. My husband and I both work full tie jobs. The problem was that we could not leave mom alone during the day. That’s when we learned about Day Break. My mom loved the staff and told me how respectful they were and how well they treated her. Even though her memory was not what it used to be, she always remembered to tell me when they sang and played musical instruments.

Day Break is very important to the community of Sheridan. Without it, mom would not have been able to live with my husband and me the last year of her life. She spent only one month in the nursing home before she passed away in July of 2014. She had the best of both worlds, living with us and going to Day Break.