“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they have the heart.”

— Elizabeth Andrew

It’s true. Our volunteers at The Hub on Smith do what they do because they have the heart to serve and make a difference. As we begin talking about gratitude and reflection of the kindness we receive, our volunteers come to mind. Their dedication to our organization does not go unnoticed and we want to highlight the work they are doing.

Hannah Chadron has been volunteering at the Hub for several years — at least seven. Hannah has a very specific role at The Hub. She stuffs the silverware each morning in the café. On average, she puts 100 sets together each morning to be used by the patrons filling up the dining room. Hannah shows up Monday through Friday to devote her time to this important task.

Watering the garden has been added to Mike’s list of duties. He goes out each morning to make sure our flowers stay in bloom and keep our vegetation healthy. He then comes into the building to start on his daily dishwashing tasks. Mike has been volunteering in various positions for over 10 years.

Monday mornings the “jewelry ladies” gather ‘round a table at Urban Thrift, tools in hand. They spend hours cleaning jewelry that has been donated to Urban Thrift and making sure it is sanitized before being sold. They use their talents to create new masterpieces and bling. They are also in charge of pricing each jewelry piece sold in store.

These are just a few of the behind the scenes roles our volunteers fill. The Hub on Smith is currently the host location for more than 300 volunteers in many different capacities.

Our volunteers work in various programs within The Hub.

Several volunteers place an apron and gloves on, serving and cleaning up the lunch provided to our patrons, while others gear up for their morning workouts leading crunches for their workout class. We also have home-delivered meals volunteers. These volunteers load up hot meals and cold drinks, providing lunch to over 200 people in our community daily.

We have volunteers who lead crafting classes, those who provide entertainment during our live music events, those who scan patrons in for lunch and breakfast, those who spend one-on-one time with people experiencing brain change. No matter what area they serve in or what their job duties entail, our volunteers make our organization function, and we are grateful and blessed to have each and every one of them.

Thank you volunteers for devoting such a gift to us: your heart.

We would love to see more people donate their time and talents at The Hub. If you are interested in learning more, contact Jamie Brester at The Hub on Smith, 307-672-2240.