May 13, 2020

Congregate Meals – Contact Dan Cole: 307-672-2240 ext. 104 Breakfast and Mid-Day Meals – All congregate meals sites are closed until further notice. This will definitely be in effect through the month of May. It is currently under review for the summer. It is likely that if on-site congregate meals open this summer, it will be on a very limited basis.

Home Delivered Meals – Contact Lacey Van Horn, Starr Zanger: 672-6079
We are currently adding more people and routes to the home delivered meals program. We have more room to add people to the routes. Home delivered meals are taken to individual’s homes by dedicated staff and volunteers. Meals are delivered seven days a week to the homes of people 60 years of age or older. Meals are prepared in the Hub’s kitchens for homes throughout Sheridan County. Currently the meals are delivered daily between 11am and 1pm. Individuals who are interested in home delivered meals may call Lacey Van Horn or Starr Zanger 307-672-6079.

Goose Creek Transit – Contact Steve Ainslie: 675-RIDE (7433) Goose Creek Transit will provide door to door assisted transportation. Drivers and passengers will be screened daily. Drivers and passengers will wear masks and other health and safety precautions will be taken.
The fixed route remains closed at this time and will be assessed in June for possible reopening.
Goose Creek Transit continues to be available for grocery pickups from Walmart. Groceries need to be purchased using the Walmart Grocery app. Call (675-7433) for more information.

Help at Home – Call Lois Bell: 307-675-1978 Help at Home services will increase this week. Employees and those who are receiving services are screened daily. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used at each visit. Help at Home Staff will also continue making phone calls to visit socially, determine if food or supplies are needed and to share information on COVID-19 prevention and community resources and services.

Day Break Adult Day Care: Contact Barb Blue: 307-675-4968 Day Break will be closed to the public and only providing services to a small number of people on a scheduled by appointment basis. Employees, people served and caregivers will be screened daily.

Support Center – Contact Jamie Hoeft: 307-461-7134
The Support Center is open 8-4 pm via phone or email to make referrals and help individuals get connected to essential items and services during this time.

Family Caregiver Services – Contact Denise Hawley: 307-672-2240 ext. 115
Often caregivers experience physical demands, emotional stress, and conflicts with work, family, or other responsibilities when caregiving. Family Caregiver Services offers information, assistance, and support to help ease these burdens. Support Groups continues to be provided over the phone and video conferencing (i.e. FaceTime, ZOOM). Home visits are being made on an individual and case by case basis.
These services are also available for Older Relative Caregivers (formerly the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program). Call Denise Hawley (307-461-7134) if you are in need of support or information.

Caregiver and Dementia-Specific Education Services – Contact Heather Comstock: 307-672-2240 ext. 112 or email at
Education Workshops are NOW on-going through the easy to use technology of ZOOM video
conferencing! Please note that Caregiver Coaching and Consultation continues to be provided over the phone and video conferencing (i.e. FaceTime, ZOOM).

Personal Care Supplies and Loan Closet – Contact Barb Blue: 307- 675-4968
Do you need a walker, cane, wheelchair, or other adaptive equipment? The Loan Closet including personal care supplies is open and available from 12 – 4p. Please call 675-4968 to schedule appointment for drop off or pick-up.

Outreach Case Management – Contact Kevin Coleman: 307-672-2240 ext. 111
We connect individuals of low income to resources that can help them thrive. Some services include low income energy assistance, Medicare Part D/Supplemental Insurance, low income housing, and property tax refunds. Many of these resources are available to all age groups, not just seniors.

Tongue River Valley Outreach – Call Robin Ruff: 307- 655- 9419
We provide many of the Hub’s same services to the Tongue River Valley area, including Home Delivered Meals, Help at Home, the Loan Closet, and Valley Volunteer services. We also partner with the Tongue River Valley Community Centers in Ranchester and Dayton to develop supports and services customized to the needs of each community. Congregate Meals at the Tongue River Community Center are suspended until further notice.

Fun and Wellness Activities – Contact Lisa Wells: (307) 672-2240 ext. 108 email or Amanda Munford: (307) 672-2240 ext. 108 or email or (307) 672-2240 ext. 107. All on-site activities and classes are closed until further notice however, please note online exercise classes are NOW on-going through the easy to use technology of ZOOM video conferencing! Please contact Lisa Wells for more information or to register. Online and by phone connections are being made and planned for the summer.

Green Boomerang – Contact Jenny Tribley or Jane Perkins: 307-675-1974
Closed until further notice. No date set for reopening at this time.

Grab n Go – Closed until further notice.
Interested in volunteering? Contact Jenny Tribley: 307- 672-2240 ext. 116