May is Older Americans Month, and every year in honor of that title, The Hub on Smith recognizes contributions of older adults across the nation. While raising families and building careers, older Americans also gave back to their communities in a variety of ways.

Despite changes in the world around them, they continue to volunteer and serve their neighborhoods in their own methods. The time spent mentoring a child, volunteering in a soup kitchen or serving their country deserves recognition of their commitment to fellow citizens.

This year’s Older Americans Month theme, “Make Your Mark,” encourages and celebrates the countless contributions older adults make to our communities.

Their time, experience, and talents continue to benefit families and neighbors every day.

This year’s theme also highlights the difference everyone can make — in the lives of older adults, in support of caregivers, and to strengthen communities.

Often people underestimate the impact older Americans have had on the lives of those around them. We in the Fun Department are often amazed by the stories people tell about their life experiences and the things they have done. They do not see themselves as influential or see the “mark” they have left on the lives of others — but it is there.

Think of all the things you have taught your kids, a coworker or a friend that they will carry with them forever — how to balance a checkbook, change a tire, cook, or use a tool… or maybe teaching how to treat others in difficult situations and to use good manners when eating out at a restaurant.

As minute as it may seem, these life skills are profoundly important, and the effects naturally spread to others.

The Hub on Smith would love for you to share your stories about the “marks” you have made or the “marks” other older Americans have made on your life.

Send your stories via email to or mail them to The Hub on Smith, Attn: Fun Dept, 211 Smith Street, Sheridan, WY 82801.

You can see then these stories as we post them on Facebook or Instagram (search The Hub on Smith), or on our website at Social media is a great way to help us celebrate together during this time of social distancing. We miss you all and look forward to meeting in person again as soon as possible. Please call us at 307-461-7134 if you need support. Let’s keep our spirits high together.