By Carmen Rideout

The Hub on Smith is fortunate to have many community partnerships banding together to offer collaborative community-integrated supports for older adults and their families. This support enables people to remain in their homes longer and have fuller, healthier lives. These relationships are extremely valuable to the Hub and to our community. It allows the Hub to offer more programs and services on limited funding, but more importantly, it enables a vibrant multi-generational community that is supported and engaged in each other’s well-being.

Our County, City and Towns all contribute resources in time and money and in return we are able to serve the citizens of this beautiful community. Local businesses provide goods and services to our organization and also donate resources and time volunteering. We collaborate with other nonprofits every day to provide service excellence and individual community members step up repeatedly, giving of their time and talents.

These community partnerships are invaluable in helping us accomplish our mission and purpose. We are able to do more and reach more people because of these partnerships.

It is hard to tell the complete story of all the contributions from our community members. Every single contribution is valued and appreciated by the Hub staff and those we serve. Here are just a few examples of ways our community partners make a difference at the Hub:

The Hub partners with Sheridan Memorial Hospital for many programs such as Doc Talks with Dr. Schamber. These informative and free events provide relevant health related information to the people of our community.

The Hub has partnered with First Federal Bank and Trust and First Northern Bank to train employees and community on recognizing and supporting individuals and families experiencing brain change through our Dementia Friendly Wyoming program.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church has supported the Hub financially and is committed to offering a Dementia Friendly church Service.

The Wyoming Wilderness Association takes people on hikes and outing in the outdoors.

Tongue River Valley Community Center provides space and promotion of our services for seniors that live in Ranchester and Dayton.

WYO Theater has always been a great partner with the Hub and our annual Keystone fundraiser. This year they have allowed us to use their space to offer exercise programs while our facility is closed due to the HVAC upgrade.

Sheridan Kids Life and Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange Program partner with the Hub’s Older Relative Caregiver Program. SKL allows use of their facilities and provides activities for the children while the adult attend support groups. Carla Trier and the SFPE make sure these families have adequate childcare equipment, clothing, toys, bedding, and other household items.

The City of Sheridan is an essential partner for the Hub on Smith. The Hub on Smith facility is owned by the city. The City has been instrumental in securing grants for capital improvements and providing One Cent funding for programs.

Hammer Chevrolet is always willing to help the Hub, especially the Home Delivered Meals program. Dick Hammer has been delivering meals over 25 years!

The Sheridan Rotary Club members have driven home delivered meals routes for over 30 years. They have been a steady and reliable group of people who have supported older adults in a wide variety of community projects.

The Scotty and Janet Scott Family Foundation is another partnership that is essential to the Hub and Goose Creek Transit. This foundation’s contributions helped provide a much needed donation to start the Sheridan Shuttle, the new fixed route bus service in Sheridan.

There are many other organizations that are always willing to partner for specific events or just whenever the need arises. We simply could not do what we do without the partnerships from organizations like The VA Medical Center, Sheridan College, Sheridan County, Center for a Vital Community, Compass Center for Families (Parent Liaison Program), YMCA, and many others.

We also appreciate the partnerships built with local businesses such as Albertsons, Wa-mart, First Interstate Bank, AlphaGraphics, Kennon, and many other individuals and small businesses that are too numerous to name in this short article. To all of you who give to the Hub on Smith, please know we are so grateful for all of these contributions and connections! We look forward continued connections and developing even more in the coming year.