Steve Ainslie

There is a lot going on at Goose Creek Transit this fall. Formerly known as the Sheridan Mini-Bus, we have recently changed our name and our look. You may have noticed our new image on our buses rolling around town. They are pretty hard to miss with their green and blue color scheme with the big goose on the side taking flight. These buses are actually wrapped in big sheets of vinyl that are printed off a large color printer. Eight out of our twelve buses have received the new look and the other four will be finished before Winter.

We are also getting a well needed addition to our bus storage facility. We are adding vehicle storage space so we can get all of our equipment inside without having to squeeze the buses so tightly together.

Included with this addition will be a maintenance bay for minor repairs and a wash bay that will improve our ability to keep our buses clean. The construction has been interesting to watch and the disruption from noise and power outages have been minimal. The contractor and his crew have done a great job so far. One of the most exciting additions with the new construction will be a backup generator. We’ve never had one and when the power shuts off, we really have to scramble to stay in touch with our drivers and riders.

We at Goose Creek Transit want everyone to know that we will still be providing the same transportation service the Sheridan Mini-Bus was known for. The same friendly drivers will continue to help get you to your destination. And our service is available to everyone. We are truly “public transportation”. The price for a ride will remain the same at $2.50 per ride for people 60 years of age and older and $4.00 per ride for people under 60. We still ask that you call to reserve your ride a day in advance and before 3:00 pm. That will allow us to serve our riders in the most efficient way possible.

We also still provide trips to Billings on Wednesdays for medical appointments. And the roundtrip price of $35 is also unchanged. So if you have a medical appointment in Billings and want to leave the driving to us, give us a call as soon as you have made your appointment. It’s very helpful if those appointments fall between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. We typically have two or three people going so if the appointments can all fall in the middle of the day, then it shortens the trip for everyone.

And we have a new phone number. You can now call 675-RIDE (7433) to get in touch with us. Our old number will still work for a few more months but eventually will be dis-connected. So remember our number and think of us the next time you need a ride.