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Since 1973, the Hub on Smith has provided critical support to help people remain living in their homes and their communities for as long as possible. In the last 47 years, we have worked to remain responsive to those we serve, adapting to changes in culture and expanding our services and facilities to meet the needs of our growing senior community.

What is the master plan?
While exploring options for additional space for the Help at Home program (the last phase of renovations that started in 2014) The Hub was gifted nearly 1/2 acre in additional land immediately adjacent to the existing Hub facility. This gift presented a significant opportunity to reconsider the planned relocation of the Help at Home program in light of what would best serve our Hub users in the future.
In the fall of 2019, the Hub Board of Directors commissioned a master plan to evaluate ways in which the new property and existing Hub facilities might be configured to better deliver integrated services to our senior population. The first phase of the master planning process revealed the need for a more effective way to connect to our friends and neighbors to the range of services offered by the Hub, and gave rise to a new initiative – the Hub on Smith Support Center.
At the Support Center, a team of compassionate staff now welcomes people to The Hub, meets with them one-on-one to learn about their needs, and then connects them to the many programs and resources The Hub has to offer. This new method of connecting with individuals and families has already had a powerful impact on the people we serve and will allow for greater connectivity with other care providers and resources in the community.

The master plan is a work in progress.
As we enter the next phase of the master planning process, we will be sharing our ideas with the community, testing our assumptions, and listening to your input.
Please plan to attend one of our community listening sessions to learn more about the master planning process and to share your ideas and vision for the future of the Hub. Following our first listening session on March 10, information on the master plan and ways to comment will be posted in the lobby at the Hub and on our website at thehubsheridan.org.
We want to hear from you!