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Keystone Awards

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“I have no idea just who all helped get that wonderful program together; but I will never forget it. I still find it unreal that part of that was for me. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.”— Mary Kraft (2015 Keystone Honoree)

2018 Keystone Sponsors:

        The Annual Keystone Awards are the “Don’t Miss Event of the Year”.

This year’s 8th Annual Keystone Awards will be held on April 19, 2018, at the WYO Theater

Every year The Hub celebrates and honors three individuals who have dedicated their lives to our community.  The Keystone Awards are a one of a kind celebration, modeled after the Kennedy Center Honors.  With unique entertainment, formal awards presentations, a dream vacation raffle, delicious catering, and an after-party, the Keystone Awards is the event to attend!

Event tickets can be purchased at the WYO Theater Online Box Office starting in January.   Tickets are $75 and include a catered reception, awards presentation, and awards show.   Tickets are available for students, veterans and registered Hub on Smith patrons for $35.


Bob and Rosie Berger

Both Bob and Rosie have played important roles in the Sheridan community for years. They have been business owners, volunteers, board members, and much more. Rosie was a member of the Wyoming Legislature from 2003 to 2017 and dedicated her life to advocating for the betterment of our community and State. Bob has been a huge contributor serving as a board member for The Brinton Museum, Big Horn Education Fund, First Interstate Bank – Sheridan Advisory Board, the Zullig Foundation, Cato Foundation Board, Decker Family Foundation, Center for a Vital Community, the Wyoming Community Foundation – Sheridan – Johnson Affiliate, Schuchert Foundation, Historic Sheridan Inn Joint Powers, the Sheridan Heritage Center Board, as well as the Sheridan Senior Center’s, now the Hub, Capital Steering Committee. Both Bob and Rosie are a valuable part of all that Sheridan has become.

Jay McGinnis

As the Executive Director of the Sheridan County YMCA for 40 years, Jay will long be remembered. Jay came to the “Y” as the Youth Director and quickly moved into the Executive role. Not only has Jay helped youth and adults succeed through programming, but he has also supported numerous non-profit agencies in Sheridan County. He used his leadership many times as a board member for organizations such as the Homer A. and Mildred S. Scott Foundation and the Center, the CASA Board and the Center for a Vital Community. Jay hosts the philosophy of giving and knows how to get things done in Sheridan County. His personality transcends generations and he is a mentor to many in leadership and fundraising positions.

Mary Jean Roush

Mary Jean is the person who visualized and developed both the home care ( now called Help at Home) and the Day Break programs at the Senior Center. They were services for which there was a great need, but no template for service delivery or funding. The Home Care program was so successful and cost-effective that it became first a pilot for the state, and then part of a statewide initiative that has helped thousands of people live at home. Day Break remains the most successful adult daycare service in the region – maybe in the country – because of Mary Jean’s vision. Mary Jean has volunteered at Our Camp for over 40 years helping to provide a camping experience for disabled children and adults.


The Keystone Awards also recognizes outstanding high school and Sheridan College students as “Keys to the Stone”. The 2018 Keys to the Stone are Olivia Thoney, Cheyna Bradshaw, Rachel Jahiel, Katelyn Abbott, Galen Kretschman and Roseborg Halldorsdottir.

2017 Keystone Honoree Videos

2018 Keystone Raffle Tickets Are Now For Sale!

Raffle tickets are $100 each. We will be selling a maximum of 500 tickets and will draw once a month for a year, starting October 3, 2017. Winners will get their choice of a $2000 travel voucher or $750 cash. Tickets are available for purchase at Brittain World Travel or The Hub. Please call 672-2240 for more information.

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