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Holiday Spirit 2017

The holiday season is quickly approaching and, with that, the spirit of giving and thankfulness is in the air. The need for your generosity is greater than ever this year. Karen Watembach is a long-time senior center patron and utilizes the hydrotherapy tub located our Day Break facility. The following is Karen’s story…

Karen lived on the Crow Reservation before moving to Ranchester due to her eye sight beginning to fail her. She worked in a ministry, as a teacher, a bi-lingual teacher trainer and worked for the State and Federal Government of Montana and Wyoming. One night after moving to Ranchester, Karen accidently tripped and fell over a trunk located at the end of her bed, resulting in a shattered left femur. As much as she tried she could not stand up and was in a great deal of pain. Karen finally got herself up on to her bed and was able to contact the paramedics. She had to have major surgery which included permanent pins in her hip. Karen transitioned to Westview for about a month to heal.

Karen loved living on the Reservation, however, as she aged the physical challenges she experienced required her to move. She wanted a social life and after reading in the paper about dominoes at the Senior Center in Sheridan she started to come once a week to play dominoes and connect with friends.

Soon, Karen met Gwen Burgess, the senior center’s Outreach Coordinator. Gwen helped her find affordable housing in Sheridan that helped meet her physical needs, because by then, Karen was in serious pain. The muscles in her hip had begun to wrap around the permanent pins placed in her femur by her surgeon years before.

That’s when Gwen introduced Karen to the hydrotherapy tub located in Day Break, our adult day center. Karen said she felt relief instantly which was miraculous after trying many other therapies.

The hydrotherapy tub massages muscles to loosen them up and it continued to help the more she used it. Karen’s mood is positive and much lifted because of the tub. She has truly come to enjoy her weekly visits to Day Break and also the social connections she gains from being there. She loves Carol, who helps her get situated in the tub and also makes sure that Karen doesn’t come into contact with the allergens to which she is sensitive. Karen loves the hydrotherapy she gets from the brand new tub in Day Break. She loves that she is treated like an adult and is never talked down to by the staff who provide this great service. She went on to say, “This is how elderly people should be treated.” Now Karen not only uses the therapy tub for her femur, but also for the tendonitis she developed in her finger and her elbow as well.

When asked why people should give to Holiday Spirit, Karen thought a moment then said, “For those of us who come here, we are here to keep each other’s spirits up at a time when many of us are in pain. We come and we have a lot of fun and lift each other up.” Karen explained what the center means to her by saying “It’s a social center and a place where the services keep people living at home. I don’t know what I’d do; I couldn’t afford nursing care. This place is my savior.” Oh, and she is still playing dominos and cribbage at “the Hub” every week!

Thanks in great part to the generosity of donors like you, Karen and many other older adults throughout the community are able to afford the services they need to live at home for as long as possible. Please help us with our Holiday Spirit Campaign…your investment is one that helps the whole community and makes hundreds of lives better.

Warm Regards,

Carmen Rideout

Executive Director

“Gwen has been my savior”— Karen Watembach., Holiday Spirit 2017

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